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Afternoon all, today I am going to talk about roleplays. Over the years I have lost count of the different roleplay sessions I have done and I enjoy them immensely.

The scenes can vary considerably and being a roleplay actress worthy of an Oscar ;) I really do get into character and will draw you into character too.

Even though I don't follow scripts, I also welcome suggestions for your session, but I will also change things and add My Own twists to keep you on your toes.

Here are just a handful of roleplay scenario's

Strict Boss - I have called you to my home to drop off some important paperwork, I know that you find Me attractive, I have also been checking your work's computer records and know that you have been using office equipment to look at things you shouldn't. I won't say anymore as every session is different but throughout this roleplay I switch between, sensual and seductive, to cruel and bossy..... I really have got you where I want you!

Military Interrogation - you have been "kidnapped", hooded and blindfolded and taken to the secret safe house, you are privvy to private and highly sensitive information, you need to be tested and put through your paces , how easily will you crack? I will interrogate you using all means at My disposal in an intelligent and enthralling manner. (interests and limits are always respected)

The MILF Housewife - you are a workman who has been working at my home for several weeks, as usual I am out shopping, what you don't know is I suspect you have been in my bedroom looking through My lingerie and I come home early, I catch you in My bedroom, sniffing My panties, I take great delight in Dominating you, you will need to do anything I say from now on if you want Me to keep your little secret.

The Bitch Secretary - you are My boss, the house I live in is part of My company package and you have heard that there have been several male visitors lately and have sprung an inspection on Me. I try to convince you to come back another day in a flirtatious manner, I use My best distraction techniques but you are having none of it, with no other option I reluctantly take you upstairs, once safely upstairs I either overpower you or convince you to try being Dominated yourself when you discover My playrooms, either way you end up naked restrained and completely under My control, then I start making more demands..

Psycho Bitch - you have met Me on a dating site, we have just been on our first date, you are so happy, at last not another catfish, I invite you back to Mine, you eagerly agree, I seduce you up into My bedroom, strip you off, your luck is in, you think! then I overpower you, gag you, blindfold you, restrain you to My bed and leave you, I return dressed in Mistress attire with a wicked look in My eyes, you are confused, I look so sexy but you are scared ! What am I going to do to you? ... you will have to wait and see!

Hypno Therapist - you have been sent to Me by work for a psychological evaluation, you are a little taken aback at the surroundings, I explain that I am also a sexual therapist and that these are some of the tools of my trade, I start your session, talking seductively and calmly I make you stare deep into My eyes, before you know it you are stripped naked restrained to My therapist couch and confessing all of your inner most thoughts! You cannot resist My Hynotic Aura.

School room Scenarios - Whether I am the strict and sexy schoolteacher, dressed in pencil skirt, blouse, heels and nylons or the bitchy headgirl, you will fall into line and follow the rules in Miss Bailey's School of Correction ;)

As I say these are just a snippet of some of the roleplays I have created over the years.

I have met many submissives who love the idea of a roleplay but have always been to nervous to suggest one as they are worried they will get embarrassed, have terrible acting skills, etc. No need to worry, I will lead the way, above all sessions should be fun and roleplays are always certainly that.

Bye for now Miss Bailey xx


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