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Update - Text Sessions, Video Sessions & Chastity Control .

Afternoon subs, slaves, sluts and sissy's

As mentioned in My previous post I have been engaging in more distance control sessions recently and very much enjoying them! Being an Online Mistress is a different dynamic but actually just as fun! I love getting into your head from anywhere and controlling and teasing you anywhere!


Tributes can be made direct via discrete bank transfer or I do accept various gift cards.

Tributes for My online sessions can be made via bank transfer to My business account which shows up in a discrete business name btw, however I understand that some people still feel uncomfortable with this so I do also accept a variety of gift cards including, Amazon & Asda.


Distance Control Sessions can be held via text message, WhatsApp, Telegram* or Skype (video)

Telegram - this is a discrete and secure app, free to download very much like WhatsApp but more discrete.


I have introduced new Chastity Control Packages as this is one of the most popular requests.

As you will see I have introduced a couple of Chastity control options. This can be done in various ways with or without a device....mental control or with a device with coded locks/bluetooth locks, etc. throughout your week you will be teased and controlled. Can you handle it?


Text Sessions via text, whatsapp or Telegram

Basic £40 for 20 mins (Text only)

Premium £60 for 20 mins (includes 3 voice notes or 2 voice notes and 1 picture)

(additional voice notes or photo's £10 each)

WhatsApp/Skype or Telegram Video Calls

One to one, cam to cam video calls, during video calls you can perform tasks, CNFM scenarios, follow instructions or talk about fantasies and the wonderful world of Domination and Submission. Interests, discretion and boundaries are always respected. £80 for 20 mins.

Specific outfit requests etc consider but may incur additional tribute.

Online Chastity Control Option 1 (7 Day Control) One 20 min Premium Text Session per week via WhatsApp or Telegram and a personalised voice note each morning £110 Option 2 (7 Day Control) One 20 min One to One Video session via Skype/whatsapp or telegram per week and a personalised voice note each morning £130

I am compiling a list of links to devices, locks, other toys etc that I can control from afar to make the distance sessions even more intense! So subscribe to My blog and I will post it up as soon as it is finished.

In the meantime Behave 🛐

Miss Bailey xx

Online Nylon Mistress - Texting & Video


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