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Of course I enjoy being spoiled and pampered, when a slave takes the time to purchase a gift to make Me smile, naturally it makes Me feel special, so become more favourable in My eyes by spoiling Me and demonstrating your appreciation.

When I am not in the Chambers I have a wide variety of hobbies, I love the great outdoors walking and cycling along with other outdoor hobbies. I also love reading and cooking and am always experimenting with healthy ingredients in the kitchen. I am not a big drinker but I do enjoy the occasional glass of good red wine.

I am also a bit of a tech geek so you will often see more expensive items on My Wishlist, Vouchers or tributes towards these are always appreciated.

Gift Tributes towards My beauty treatments, hobby fund etc are always appreciated. Please ask for bank transfer details.

My amazon wishlist is here for ideas of gifts I'd really like;

Amazon gift certificates are always welcomed and can be sent to My email:

Favourite Flowers: Tulips

I love perfumes My current Favourite perfumes are, Very Irresistible by Givenchy, L'interdit (original by Givenchy) or Olympea by Paco Rabane

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