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Real Time Sessions

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My real time sessions are on a limited and select basis, I have built up a stable of treasured, loyal slaves, submissives and fetishists over the years, therefore I will only consider a new applicant if they approach correctly. This is NOT a disclaimer and do not be offended if you are not accepted. I choose not to session all day every day so I will be selective about who I allow in My domain. I also offer distance control.


All real time sessions take place in My Own Private and Discrete Premises near Chester. My domestic premises are not shared with other Mistresses. Although set in a domestic setting they are atmospheric and equipped for the majority of scenarios.


This is non-negotiable, I expect 100% discretion at all times, from the moment you contact Me to the moment you leave and after. This is fully reciprocated. 


All My sessions operate along a safe, sane and consensual line. I do not offer what I would class as extreme play, I prefer the more sensual and psychological side of Domination. 


On application - min 1 hour booking.

If you are a successful new applicant a deposit will be required. 

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