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Etiquette & How to Apply



I don't have a long list of rules, after all this should be fun, however I am selective and I absolutely hate bad manners. So if you do not approach correctly or are rude, you will get ignored. Simple.


I rarely now speak to applicants on the telephone. Therefore My preferred method is that you either Email, text or WhatsApp your enquiry during decent hours. 8am - 8pm.



  • A name to refer to (I am totally trustworthy but I do not need to know your real name. trust Me I have no interest in stalking you ! (I know, in your dreams ;) ) 

  • Brief Details of your interests (simple, clear and no War and Peace)

  • Type of Session and when you're looking for (date/s & time/s you are available)

On arrival

If you are granted a session, you will be given instructions on when to confirm. you will also be given instructions on where to park, you must wait discretely in your car in the location until called over.


Discretion is paramount, if you do not act discrete or arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs the session will be terminated and you will be asked to leave.

You must approach Me with respect, and arrive clean and smelling nice. (it is not a lot to ask!) Shower facilities are available.

Interests and outfit requests

I expect you to be honest and realistic with your interests, if you have particular desires you may mention them and make polite requests including outfits, I understand that people have preferences and fetishes and most certainly will consider them, if I am happy to. However please note I am a Dominant and I only engage in activities I am happy to and only wear outfits I feel comfortable in, the most important thing is you want to submit to ME as a Mistress. I am  very natural in session and do not have set routines, so basically you will get the best sessions when you embrace, submit and leave My creative skills to flow.

I do not offer sex, oral, intimate body worship, rimming or gf experience - do not confuse Domination with prostitution. 

Contact Between Sessions (either online of realtime)

Unless given permission I do not allow you to contact Me between sessions unless it is to arrange another session or text session. I have dealt with My fair share of needy slaves and submissives over the years and it is not tolerated, I lead a very busy life and expect you to always respect this, so if you become needy or over familiar you will be refused any future sessions.


Interact, submit and fully embrace the dynamic. :) you will find Me enchanting, a mixture of Warmth, Sensuality and fun when the time is right mixed with a good dose of Cruelty & Mischief. I am excellent at reading people, no two sessions are ever the same.

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