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Subspace and subdrop & NEW! Distance Control

Afternoon slaves, subs and sissy's

This is a topic of conversation that often crops up (pardon the pun) after sessions. I have introduced many subs to the world of Domination and get great pride from taking submissives to that wonderful place.....subspace. Many had not experienced it before. Once a Domme/sub dynamic deepens the level of subspace also does.

What is subspace?

Subspace differs from person to person and can be difficult to describe. A common misconception is that BDSM needs to include pain to take the sub to subspace I know for a fact this is not true and have taken many a sub into subspace through mind control and others forms of control.

When in session and taken to a deep place of pleasure or pain or control, the body will release a variety of hormones and endorphins which induces subspace and gives the feeling of being drug induced, a deep state of relaxation, euphoria, even out of body experiences. In this place the sub is closed off completely from the outside world and it can feel almost trance like and joyful. It is an extremely intense experience. Being an experienced Domme I can see from one look into My subs eyes if they are going into subspace, I can even tell from their breathing and responses.

It is a safe place to be.

What is subdrop?

After an intense session, where a submissive experiences subspace they can be susceptible to subdrop. This can start quickly after, or can be delayed.

Subdrop is the consequence of being on a high and can cause feelings of depression or guilt after. Not all subs, experience this, but it can happen which is why aftercare is so important. I therefore take time to bring you back to the real world, I will not allow you to rush out and will talk to you gently so you leave feeling on a high.

As I said, sometimes there can be a delay in the onset of subdrop but I have found most submissives can handle this much better when they have been brought back to reality in a caring way and know they have another session to look forward to.


If you would like to talk about any aspects of BDSM or wish to serve Me from afar you can now book a text session with Me. Details of how are shown below:

Text session - 25 minutes -

TRIBUTE £35.00

Virtual Mistress Text Package - 7 days - TRIBUTE £200

I am now offering weekly connection and servitude package via text, it can be through text, whatsapp or email. For 7 days between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

Connect and serve Me, texts can include, good morning and good night messages, tasteful pictures, discussing your fantasies and how you wish to serve, chastity control (no keyholding), tasks (limited to 2 per week), general vanilla chat and laughter, amuse Me, send Me your favourite jokes, memes, etc. I'm sure you get the idea.

Should you wish to arrange either of the above then you may text Me on 07500799352 and I will send you details for payment....please note the payment method is completely anonymous and will only show as the payment provider on your bank statement.

You may also now subscribe free to My website to be notified of any updates, until then ...


Miss Bailey xx


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