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Chastity Play

Afternoon slaves, subs and sissy's

Some of you who have visited Me know I love to incorporate chastity play into My sessions when I deem it suitable. Long term chastity is rarely something I get involved with as for most it is impractical and also make slaves very needy....something I will not tolerate .... however I do enjoy chastity play in session and for shorter periods. I have instructed several of My slaves to purchase their own device, this can then be a great way to extend control in between sessions.

I'm going to talk about how chastity play can be used both in real-time and distance sessions.


Ok so whether you have device or not chastity control can be incorporated very well in distance sessions. I am currently doing a chastity control week with a distance slave, he is forbidden from touching, unless given permission, all week, he doesn't have a device so yes he could cheat, but he would be only fooling himself! We are only on day 3 and he is already frustrated beyond belief!

Each evening he reports in and I spend 25 mins teasing and tormenting him over text/picture message. Instructing him to carry out My orders making him edge and then denying him and even sometimes setting an additional task for the following day. If you have a device for distance control, I insist you use unique coded locks in addition to the normal padlock so I know if you have removed it without My permission.


So how do I incorporate it into Real-time sessions? well if you have your own device I may instruct you to lock yourself up the morning of our session or several days before (depending on your circumstances) and present the key to Me on arrival or if you don't, l leave a device in the bathroom in My premises for you to lock yourself into before you see Me.......if I attempt to lock you up, past experience has proved that the uncontrollable excitement that occurs upon seeing Me at the beginning of the session(from the slave ...might I add ;) ) makes it impossible. If ever there was further justification to be locked up there it is ! So you lock yourself up beforehand and present the key to Me.

Then I hold the key ...... teasing you whilst you are locked up is extremely fun and cruel...for Me at least, hehe will I even let you out? I will decide, either way I will push you to the point of sheer frustration, make you weaker and weaker until you want nothing more than to hear the click of the padlock as I unlock you.

Love for now MB xx


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