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Erotic Pain

Afternoon slaves, subs, sissy's, fetishists, etc etc

Today I want to talk about pain! The word literally makes some of you wince and recoil in horror covering your genitals, whilst others' eyes light up with delight.

My sessions DO NOT have to involve pain and being honest many don't at all, I am not a Sadist so I do not feel the overwhelming urge to hurt you, but I can push you if I see you reacting in the correct way to My torment, however, I take as much pleasure from torturing your mind as I do your body.

Sometimes I feel pain can be misunderstood, in fact many activities, traditionally described as pain would be better described as sensation play. I have many a time introduced submissives to various forms of sensual sensation play, ie. electrics, pinwheel, nipple treatment, etc and they have been shocked (pardon the pun) and pleasantly surprised at just how enjoyable they have found it. I would normally only ever introduce anything like this (if it had not been requested), when I spot something in you that indicates you may enjoy it, for example if I tentatively tweak a nipple and see a positive reaction, I will always read you and craft My treatment accordingly and respect your limits.

Obviously everything that occurs in My sessions is safe, sane and consensual.

Like My Domination Style, My style of delivering pain is Sensual and measured, I never go in hard with anything, I build things up slowly getting your mind and body into the right headspace.

Then we have the other end of the spectrum, the masochists who simply love being hurt, who love the endorphin rush this gives them and when I see this natural enjoyment then

I will push you, as with everything I am after all.....Cruel to be Kind.

Bye for now

Miss Bailey xx


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