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Erotic Humiliation

Morning pets, now Humiliation is an area of Domination and Power Exchange that truly fascinates Me.

When I first started out on My Domme Journey, admittedly, it was the one area I found quite difficult. It felt unnatural for Me to insult people, however that soon changed when I researched, gained experience and truly began to understand the dynamic and the escapism Erotic Humiliation can give to the submissive.

As I take you to that special place with My subtle approach, I keep turning up the intensity until your completely under My spell.

"I would just love you to humiliate me, Mistress"

This is a line I hear and read a lot, and is of no use, Humiliation is such a vast subject, it can range from subtle insults, to intense degradation.

What one person finds humiliating and a turn on, another won't, also as a Domme I believe I have a duty of care, mental play can be dangerous without Me truly understanding what is going on in your subconscious, so communication is vital here.

Maybe SPH makes you weak as I inspect you with disgust and describe in detail why it is so ugly, tiny

and useless.

Maybe the thought of being forced to wear frilly or womens clothing/underwear fills you with dread and makes you horny in equal measures.

Maybe the thought of even just being made to beg is humiliating for you, but so addictive....especially if I deny you.

Maybe the thought of being treated like My puppy dog, walked around on My lead and ordered to hump whilst I laugh at you with pity, takes your breath away.

Maybe the thought of being sent to buy embarrassing items or sent on public humiliation tasks makes your heart race!

Maybe the thought of being verbally degraded with tones of amusement, dark nastiness and pity, makes you weak.

The list is endless...and every slave/sub is unique, I will find your weaknesses and get in your head.

My style of Humiliation, like My style of Domination, is skilled and intelligent.

you may not understand why being humiliated turns you on, you don't need to...but be sure of one thing.... I will use it to My advantage.

Bye for now

Miss Bailey xx 💋


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