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Crossdressing, Feminisation & Sissification.

Afternoon all, as an experienced Mistress I have come across a wide variety submissives/fetishists who enjoy some or all elements of Feminisation. I have introduced many submissives to the world of Cross Dressing, Feminisation and Sissification and have nurtured others into finding their feminine alter ego when I have spotted signs, or they have hinted, that this maybe something they would enjoy.

There are different levels and types of Crossdressing, Feminisation and Sissification and I can honestly say I have never met two submissives/fetishists who are the same.

It can be as simple as wanting to slip on a pair of panties, stockings or nylon tights up, in a kinky tease session, to full feminisation, makeup, wigs, dresses, heels, nails and so on. Some wish to be sissified, maid trained or incorporate this with bondage, humiliation and submission.

I have an atmospheric Boudoir and being in a Domestic house this lends itself very well to maid training. Maybe you fantasise about being dressed and transformed and just spending time relaxing or having a photoshoot (taken by Myself) or possibly you fantasise about being transformed into a sissy maid, being put to work, serving Me domestically and corrected for any mistakes, or maybe you wish to be transformed into a sissy slut, humiliated and trained by your Goddess.

I have a wardrobe of clothing, heels, makeup, a variety of wigs and the skills to work miracles ... well most of the time ;).

If this appeals you can escape reality, in a safe environment and embrace your feminine side in My sissy boudoir, you won't want to leave.

*Please note interests are always respected so if this is an area that isn't for you it will not form any part of your session.

Bye for now MB xx


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