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Being a Mistress

Afternoon pets, I am taking a break between sessions for a few hours to catch up on admin so thought I'd write a quick blog, I'm making a concerted effort to blog more (how long it will last W/we shall see ) but I do enjoy writing and sharing My thoughts and experiences.

Which got Me thinking about a conversation I was having the other day with someone I was chatting to, halfway through the conversation he said....."so I know you're a Mistress but what do you do for a proper job?"!

Well as you can imagine I didn't take to kindly to that question but then, I paused for thought and realised that actually that may be how many would view being a Mistress... a lifestyle and nothing more.......So I went on to explain, being a Mistress is not just about being waited on hand and foot, showered with gifts and pleased by slaves. Being a Mistress is far more than meets the eye.....admin, website design, marketing, social media management, accounts, diary management, communications, and that's before We Mistress' have even left Our homes. For Me having My Own premises, it's also managing that, constantly educating yourself, keeping yourself in tip top conditions, gym, beauty treatments, photography, filming, fine tuning My art, updating equipment, evolving, being a mentor, a mind reader, a fantasy figure, a therapist ...the list goes on.

So being a good Mistress isn't for the fainthearted or the lazy, it takes a strong, intelligent & independent woman who can multitask and develop a range of skills. I have once or twice been in a session where I've looked down at My slave, observed the look of elation on his face whilst I administer My treatment to him. Poured into My tight, hot latex or tightly laced corset, walking seductively around him in My high (let's be honest uncomfortable) heels. I've set the scene, carefully selected the music, spent time on the lighting, created the perfect atmosphere, paid meticulous attention in reading him, in order for him to escape and totally submit himself to My whim and then smirked and thought to Myself 'who is really serving who here?'

Does that make Me enjoy what I do less?..........not at all, I love being in control, it is My domain, everything is consensual but ultimately I call the shots, I won't and don't do anything I don't want to, I choose who I see and how many sessions I do. I've never been a one for taking orders so being a Mistress was My calling, I am a leader, independent, caring, strong willed and proud of what I do. Being a Mistress is always challenging you are meeting new people, everyone is unique and no two sessions are the same.

Over the years I have evolved and I believe only when I decided that being a Mistress, had no rules.....only My rules! did I really find My inner Domme and I haven't looked back.

Miss Bailey x


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