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Being honest I have reviews dating back to when I first started in 2010 however, I have decided to narrow it down and have featured a selection here. Please note these are unedited, genuine reviews. I never ask for reviews to feature on My site I always encourage feedback but that can be for My eyes only. However, should you be kind enough and wish to send a review when you have visited Me to feature here you may email it over to Me.  (

**Please note any activities that occur within session are always safe, sane and fully consensual, each session is unique and your interests, dislikes,


no-go's are always respected


Review by slave h 


I visited Miss Bailey for the first time today, having booked my session last week, I found Her very professional and warm on the phone and didn't have any second thoughts about visiting. As the day neared closer I could feel the nerves and anticipation building. I am not into pain and enjoy bondage, tease and denial but am very submissive to the right female. I wont go into details but when I arrived at Miss Bailey's premises and She entered the room I was told to wait in, I wasn't prepared for Her Bewitching Aura and Beauty. She stood before Me looked deep into My eyes and I was instantly hooked. The session exceeded all My expectations, I was taken to a place I have never experienced. Not only is Miss Bailey Beautiful & Sexy, She is highly skilled and extremely intelligent. After the session She was as careful with Her attention to detail as She was in the session, ensuring I had come back to earth, She calmly chatted to Me and I could have stayed there for hours. I feel very lucky to have found Miss Bailey I truly believe She is something special and cannot wait to visit Her again if she will allow me to. 

Review by karla

On a recent day, i was lucky to spend a whole day with Miss Bailey. Not all in Chambers, and not as my usual self. karla took her first steps outside and W/we went to the seaside.....


Just over 12 months ago i had already seen Mistress a few times. Occasionally i had worn items of lingerie in role-play scenarios and Miss Bailey suggested that for the next session i consider allowing her to do my full make up. i was initially doubtful as it seemed a 'soft' activity.

However i couldn't get the idea Mistress had planted, out of my head and so asked Mistress to start the next session with my makeover. Prior to arriving i had taken myself shopping for a dress and lingerie. i have found this can be done at the large superstores without feeling embarrassed. After the usual friendly greeting and putting me at ease, Mistress helped me to dress and then W/we moved to sit together for her to do the makeup. This time together was special apart from the makeover due to sitting next to this beautiful lady and the ability to just talk very naturally about my fantasies and experiences.

As at best an ordinary looking male, i had always expected makeup would leave me with the 'ugly-sister' look. Miss finished the makeover, fitted a wig and led me by the hand to her dressing table. She had tried to tell me how it looked but ..  what i saw in the mirror i couldn't believe. i think  i looked at Mistress and had a tear in my eye, not able to speak and not believing what had been achieved. Honestly it was one of the happiest moments in my life. Just for a few hours i felt more confident, attractive and free to be myself.


Mistress usually asks at the beginning of a session what i have been thinking of, or fantasising about, since W/we last saw each other. At O/our next meeting i admitted that i had been thinking about going outside with Mistress, but as karla, the name Mistress Jenna had given to me. After just a few hours of being feminised however, this seemed an impossible dream.


When seeing Mistress i began to alternatively visit as the male side of me, and then the next time as karla. The meetings as karla developed to be longer in time and usually included the makeover, some relaxed discussion time over a drink/cake, and of course the session time.i also developed karla with purchases of shoes and some cheap jewellery. Eventually Mistress was good enough to allow a full day together in Chambers but the fantasy of going outside was now part of my thoughts each day, and W/we talked about actually doing it on the next occasion.


So a date was set and i spent the time between sessions completing what i hoped would be an acceptable look to be seen with Miss Bailey seemed pleased and assured me that She would not be embarrassed to be seen with me. Once dressed, Mistress set about the makeover. Anyone can see from the images of Her that Miss Bailey is a perfectionist with makeup. The finished effect, and the knowledge that Mistress was by my side, gave me the confidence needed to step outside for the first time. 


W/we drove toward a seaside location to spend a few hours as 'normal' visitors. The first gentle task was at a petrol station, to top up fuel while Mistress remained observing in the car. Only the male server, and one other customer but with my head up and making eye contact, all went well. i was so happy getting back to tell Mistress. Arriving at the destination W/we parked at a large, and very busy shopping centre. This would be a much bigger test but now Mistress was at my side. Our first stop was for Mistress to help choose some new makeup for me, and of course for me to join the queue to pay. Having started this journey worried that many would stare at me or make cruel comments, i have to say that none of this happened. As an example W/we next visited a busy coffee shop where Mistress sat at a table and allowed me to stand in the queue, purchase the drinks and take them to Her. A very friendly and relaxed conversation even took place with the couple at the next table. i felt totally accepted at this point and so proud that Mistress seemed happy. If anything had been said, i know that Mistress would have stood by me as She is very protective of all of Her slaves.

As happens in our summer, it then rained and W/we had to drive back to Chambers. This allowed some session time to finish the day perfectly. On this occasion it was foot (sweetly scented from wearing boots for our day out) and other fetishes which Mistress knows are among my favourite scenes.


Of course going out, dressed 'en-femme' may not be for everyone. But Mistress was perceptive to see this part of me, something that even i was unaware of. She has gradually nurtured me, built my confidence and helped me in so many ways. 


So my summary of meeting Miss Bailey. Good communications, discrete and well equipped location, expert dominatrix in session, and honestly a genuine, nice friendly person. Try to see Her YouTube videos, "Novices Update" and "what do I enjoy the most?" (as they show the person and experience you may expect much better than my words). Treat Her respectfully and you will truly have an experience to remember.

Review from slave lp 

Having visited the incredible Miss Bailey a few times over the last six months, as everyone comments she is just stunning, beautiful, very friendly, excellent at reading you, very open to listening and just draws you in more and more. 

Having mailed a rough outline to Miss Bailey of a possible role play a couple of days before last weeks session, I made a few preparations and the day arrived !  

A few text messages in the morning confirmed Mistress had received and understood the mail and the anticipation grew, especially with comments like ' do you have clothes available that I can cut off you' ! 

A SIMPLE PARCEL DELIVERY ENDED VERY DIFFERENTLY - Please note I have a deep understanding of this slave, his limits and the fact he can be marked, your limits & interests are always respected in session

It seemed quite simple, I had to deliver a special parcel to an address where apparently secret research was carried out.  A locked box containing an unknown but dangerous item had to be personally delivered and under no circumstances was the combination for the lock to be revealed.

Having been instructed exactly where to leave the parcel, on entering the room I was jumped on, over powered and a hood thrown roughly over my head. Now in shock and panic my hands were grasped and cable tied behind my back, now unable to escape or shout for help due to a gag being forced into my mouth, I was punched and kicked before being dragged to another room.

Disoriented and confused I was forced onto a waiting chair, legs and arms bound tightly to it, I was now very vulnerable and scared. A voice from behind was demanding the code for the locked box and threaten to do whatever it took to get it ! 

On refusal to give up the code, the interrogation and torture began, my cloths were cut off (this had been agreed beforehand so I had a change!)  the now exposed skin was beaten and whipped until I had no choice but give in and one number was revealed. Eventually the blind fold was opened revealing my captor, a most beautiful but sadistic and angry mistress who was determined to get the whole code !
What followed was a torrent of abuse, nipple torture, electric shocks, boiling hot wax were administered to all parts of my body, until I could take no more and revealed the code ! 
At least the mistress was happy now, and I thought I would be let go. Oh no, she had other plans ! Now with the code to hand, once inside the box she found to her delight a powerful electric cattle prod device.

Still bound to the chair, helpless and fully exposed,  mistress took great pleasure in trying out her new device on me ! The shocks were eye watering to say the least ! 

Eventually, she relented a little with the abuse but said I would only be released once I had given up a specimen for the secret breeding research programme that was carried out there. After much resistance and complaint, this was duly extracted from me with the help of various devices ! 

Luckily mistress was pleased enough to untie me and eventually let me go.
 A simple delivery job had tuned out to be so much more !!  

Review from sissy sarah


Having visited a number of mistresses previously I decided to visit Miss Bailey after viewing her YouTube video and can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. Her premises where easy to find with a discreet entrance. Having entered her chambers I was met by an utterly charming and intelligent woman,  stunningly beautiful. Dressed in a tight black pvc dress we sat down and had chat. She has a fantastic sense of humour ( which is important if your first time!). Her amazing smile ( and adorable dimples lol)  completely captivated and melted my heart from the off.  I knew from our 1 St session that I'd found a mistress who I could trust.  I have since sessioned a number of times either as sub slave or sissy. Whether making me suck her strap-on whilst locked in chastity and teasing my nipples she always respects my limits. She reads people well and sees the person before the slave!  As soon as a session has finished I look forward to the next time. It's a delight and honour to serve such a fantastic woman.

Review from slave j 

I had visited a different mistress twice before but it was my first time Thursday seeing Miss Bailey, and I can say I already know that it won’t be my last and I won’t be seeing any other Mistresses again as long as I’m allowed back! Even though I had sessioned previously I was nowhere even near prepared for the amazing experience that I had in the session with Miss Bailey.


We started off straight into role play when I arrived as that was part of the session I had requested, in my head I had it all planned out how I was going to act and exactly what I was going to say, the one thing I didn’t count on is how stunning Miss Bailey is in person (I know it is said in lots of the other reviews but it’s true, I doubted the other reviews when reading them before I saw her, thinking these other people must be exaggerating it.) So all my pre planning of the role kind of went out the window when I saw her, forgot what character I was meant to be playing and all the lines I had thought to say, just barely got some words out that made some sense to the scenario. Once id got over the thought of "wow I’m so lucky why didn’t I book a session with sooner thoughts "I got back into character as much as I could.


I won’t go into the session specifics but it was everything I had hoped for a more. Miss Bailey is very intuitive and gets inside your head working out what you like and how to work that to her advantage, she is perfect at being nice and soothing then cruel and punishing exactly when needed. I wasn’t sure how someone could be addictive when looking at her site but I certainly know now! Since the session she has been constantly on my mind and I can’t wait to see her again for a second dose of my new addiction….she now has me under her seductive spell.


She is so approachable and easy to talk to i've only known her in person for two hours but it felt like I’d know her for years any nerves I had about seeing her were gone instantly, we discussed all my interests and I didn’t feel embarrassed or difficult to speak about anything even found some things that I’d like to try next time.


Miss Bailey is completely unique at what she does, if you’re sitting on the fence about booking a session with her, stop sitting there are jump in your only regret will be not doing so sooner!

Review from slave p


For years I secretly fantasised about the possibility of visiting a mistress, never actually thought for a second I'd have the courage to visit one. If you are lucky enough to session with Miss Bailey you will be amazed at her natural expertise, it's something I wish I'd done years ago. Mistress is absolutely stunning, intelligent, knowledgeable professional who opens your mind to amazing things you didn't even know you want.


In all honesty it took me all my courage to attend that first session, ready to bolt even at the bottom of Mistresses stairs. Once inside and after a few sentences spoken! I felt safe, still nervous but also excited. Even though I have a certain fetish, Mistress still finds ways to expand on this almost reading you like a book. Seeing what makes you tick, (she is amazing at this). Think this is one of the many things mistress does to make every session such a wonderful experience.


Mistresses chambers are very private and clean, overall very professional but inviting at the same time.


I've been very lucky to find a very understanding mistress who I've sessioned with quiet a few times and has let me indulge in a fetish that I've secretly had for years. It's been incorporated in different ways including roleplay, tie and tease. hopefully looking forward to many more (if I'm lucky).


Even though Mistress is so very kind you know to respect her there's definitely a wicked side of that I'm almost scared of! But in a good way. You have only got to look at some of the previous reviews to see what beautiful Miss Bailey is capable of. When I speak to Mistress I try to be polite and respectful as I can, the same is always returned.


Thank you very much Miss Bailey Xx


Review from slave c 


An incredible experience I recently had the pleasure and honour of having a session with Miss Bailey in Her playspace. I have had a ballbusting fetish for around 30 years, and this was my first experience with a professional Mistress. In all honesty, I was terrified, worried that I was making a mistake or that what I was unsafe. In the end, this is one of the best things I have ever done. Mistress gave me the postcode on the morning of our session and instructed me to call for final instructions when I had parked up. There was no problem finding the place and I was told to enter. It was quite dark inside and Mistress was waiting at the top of the stairs, she told me to come up. Be warned, Miss Bailey is stunning, I was nervous when I arrived, but was terrified as I realised how intimidatingly beautiful She is. Fortunately, Mistress seems experienced with nervous newbies and took time to make me feel comfortable, giving me a hug and talking to me about my fetish as well other more 'normal' things. Mistress took control straightaway and, while I'm not used to taking orders, I soon found my hands tied and my eyes blindfolded. Mistress talked to me, She was seductive, smart and funny... and then She punched me in the balls. The shock and pleasure of Her sudden cruelty and apparent amusement was incredible. The feeling of being helpless before Her is hard to describe, but the time I spent with Her flew by, with Mistress teasing and testing me. She has an ability to probe and get inside your head - I can see why She is sometimes described as a kink therapist - I found myself trusting Her and sharing with Her. We talked a lot, with Mistress gleefully causing me pain and discomfort at Her whim. Mistress is everything I hoped and more than I expected, She is a beautiful dominant who knows Her art and seemed to actively enjoy our session. The whole experience was amazing and Mistress was in my head and under my skin for weeks after, and now I want to submit to Her again... thank You Mistress.

Review From "britney"


For most of my adult life I have had a  fantasy of being Dominated. I have been involved in long term relationships and have tried to introduce this in to them with little success.  Few have been willing to engage with my fetishes and those that do are soon freaked out . So after years of considering it I took the plunge and started looking for a Mistress.

After finding Her website I was amazed how understanding she seemed to be the needs of subs . After weeks of following her online I called and made an appointment with Miss Bailey. She was as kind and as warm on the phone as I could have wished for . After a short chat an appointment was made. The next few days I had my doubts and fears. That morning when I called to confirm I said out loud am I doing this at last .


Traveling by public transport I had to wait for my next train I asked myself the same question . When I finally found my way  to Her chambers I stepped in Her garden and was charmed by it . All my fears ebbed away and I walked thought the door .


I was greeted by Her on the steps and lead into the room . For the first five minutes I couldn't come to understand how this was real or that  I was standing before her . She hugged me as I entered the room . It was disarming . I had my arms around a Mistress and I was hugging Her . This stunning Goddess . We discussed my past experiences and she could see my nervousness . I answered in short sentences but she soon understood what I was hoping for . She removed my t-shirt and I realized this was happening. I began to relax as she give me the stockings and high heels to wear . I was made to dance for Her. She made me look at myself in a full length mirror and my legs where shaking but I was happy.


This was followed boot worship ( something that I couldn't help but want to do) and she applied nipple clamps . My god that was good . I was on my knees having the chain that linked them pulled and I was in heaven . She then donned the one the thing I had hoped for , a strap on. I greedily sucked it as she laughed. I was taken once more before the mirror and told I was to be used . I then, on unsteady legs was taken to a second room and had one my most  longstanding fantasies fulfilled. 

But this was not the end . We returned to the first room and so too did the clamps . I was made to pleasure myself before her boots as she pulled on the clamps. I had to beg and beg to explode and when I did I think I was so loud she had to cover my mouth . Then I happily cleaned them .  Mistress could see I was spent and the tone changed. We talked as I admitted that I was a little ashamed for seconds after but it had passed.

Now as much as I wanted to be her sub this is where everything fell into  place . For years I had been greeted with scorn for my fetishes but for the first time I was met with understanding . We talked and I was at easy once more . Here was someone who had reduced me to her slave minutes earlier, now treating me with respect and compassion . I was safe . I was in a place I could be myself. So effortlessly she switched to this role I almost forgot where I was .  We talked for some time and not once did she look at the time . While talking I could see this was one who had found a vocation .


This wasn't a kink factory this was a safe place . She is intelligent as she as stunning. Our conversation drifted from subject to subject , I looked at my legs to see the stockings still on and felt fine . I also realized I had a great deal of respect for her and even apologized for pleasuring myself to the photos on her website . She is someone who treats her subs as people and with respect and you couldn't ask for more . Don't be frightened , don't deny yourself to see her because if you have to explore this side of you Miss Bailey is the one do it with.  When I walked in she hugged me and when left she did the same . I left happy, at peace and with sore nipples  ! As soon as I can I will be going back for more.  


Review From slave d 


This was my second visit to Miss Bailey. I previously visited just a few weeks before for a teasing session. I couldn't wait to come back for more so I booked another session as soon as I could. In Mistresses presence I get a bit tongue tied so it's easier to say what I want in emails or a text. 


Second time round I had another teasing session. It was nothing like the previous time. No session appears to be the same. I was put in a body bag on the Bed and teased intensely. Nothing like last time! Words can't describe how good it was.


I look forward to many more sessions with Mistress in the future. I felt a little sad when it was time to leave. I look forward to the session all week and the time just goes so fast. I am planning the next session to be a longer 2 hour and I can't wait to book! 


If you've never visited Mistress before then go for it! You won't regret it.

Review From slave v 


About a month or so ago I finally managed to get myself to see Miss Bailey. What took me so long I'll never know. I've been following Her Twitter and website for years. A combination of nerves and the travelling time made it difficult for me to set a date. In the meantime I went to see a Mistress more local to me, purely because She was available at short notice and travelling time was minimal. Very amazing experience was had, but in the days after I knew that it would have been better with Miss Bailey. So as time passed the urge to see Miss Bailey grew.

Eventually I managed to get a date sorted, I have to say once Mistress Bailey realised I was serious about a session, Her communication was fantastic and all added to the experience.

The day seemed to take forever to arrive, then when it did it felt like Christmas did when I was a child. The excitement of finally traveling to see Her was both good and scary. Those last few minutes sat in the car, waiting for Her to summon me turned me to a fumbling wreck!

I followed Her perfect directions and before I knew it I entered the premises, wow Her voice really does dissolve the nerves , momentarily! As I made my way upstairs I finally got to see the amazing beauty that is Miss Bailey. Wow, the nerves came back. A chat before we started eased me again, then bang, no turning back now, the session started for real.

I'd asked for a more sensual session mixed with some pain I wanted to be pushed, She delivered beyond anything I expected , and believe me I had high expectations. The sight of Miss Bailey, seducing me with her body and eyes, then being inflicted with some pretty severe yet sensual pain was mind blowing. I never thought I could do some of the things She got me doing, but as said before by others, She has her ways of pushing you. Mistress is constantly monitoring you and I think She appreciates some sign of what you like, I was new to Miss Bailey and She was only the 2nd mistress I had ever seen. There won't be a 3rd. I found what I was looking for, I trust Her and I want to be under Her control more often. The only thing preventing me being there more often is my work and the distance to travel there.

Well the urge is growing more each day again, so if She will have me then I will be Her slave again soon. An unforgettable experience and an unbeatable Mistress. slave v


Review From slave d2

Visiting Mistress Jenna was the first time I ever visited a Mistress before. After looking at videos online I got very curious. I enjoy tease and denial after seeing many clips online I recently looked into it. I soon came across Miss Bailey's website and YouTube channel. The YouTube video put me at ease. She sounded very friendly and welcoming not one of these traditional 'hard faced' mistresses. I then made the phone call to make the booking. I was requested to phone on the morning of the session to confirm my attendance.

I arrived for the session. I texted her to let her know I arrived. I was then phoned with directions on where to go. It was very easy to find and all very private and discreet. As I arrived I was made very welcome and put at ease. I must say that her photos online don't do her justice. She is much better looking in real life. We had a brief chat then the session began!

She went straight into Mistress mode with her intuitive talk which I found a huge turn on. I was restrained to a chair then she went to work on tormenting me ! The way she just stared at me while doing this was very sexy ! I was then blindfolded and gagged. I couldn't see what she was doing but it was good! I was kept on the edge as she went to get the boudoir room ready! I was left tied up, blinded folded and gagged on the edge.

I was taken to the other room and hogtied on the bed. She continued to tease me and keep me begging. She really knows exactly how to keep you desperate. After lots of begging I was eventually allowed release and it was so good! Throughout the session I couldn't help moaning and groaning it was that good!

I will be back for more and won't be looking for any other Mistress!  It was all over too soon 1 hour isn't enough! 


We had a nice chat after the session before I left. As I left she gave me a hug and said it was lovely meeting me.

Thank you Miss Bailey for a great time, like nothing I've ever experienced before xx

Review From slave n


I have tried several mistresses, most of them too far away for me to form a regular sub/mistress relationship with. I had also been looking at Miss Bailey's website and following her twitter for a while, all the time stupidly resisting the temptation to visit such a stunningly beautiful and sexy mistress. When I finally plucked up the courage to contact her, Miss Bailey was very understanding and easy to talk to and after a discussion of my interests a first session was arranged for a few days later.

I found Miss Bailey's premises very easily and upon entering I couldn't see Mistress as she was standing at the top of the darkened stairs. Her soft, yet firm, voice gave me further instructions and I nervously climbed the stairs, desperate to glimpse this divine beauty. After what seemed to be an eternity, I found myself standing in Mistress' playroom and she turned to face me. I was instantly bowled over by her stunning beauty, amazing figure and her big smile as she greeted me.

I found Miss Bailey very easy to talk to, and I soon relaxed somewhat as Mistress coaxed me to talk about my interests. During the session Mistress explored all the areas we had chatted about including strap-on, tie 'n' tease, face-sitting, sensual domination and my bi-curious, "forced"-bi fantasies. In truth, I had dabbled with the latter on previous occasions, so encouraged-bi would be a more appropriate description, and I should also emphasise that only Mistress and I were present during this session!

Miss Bailey skilfully navigated her way through my fantasies, assisted by her astounding forethought in looking through my own twitter feed  prior to the session in order to see exactly where my interests lay!

My session with Miss Bailey exceeded all my expectations, every single second was filled with astounding sensuality and I cannot wait to continue my training under Mistress' expert guidance.

Review From sub p 


I visited Mistress Jenna for the first time recently and ,although very nervous, she instantly put me at ease and i was amazed at her beauty and sensually dominant aura. I had the forethought to write down a scenario as my thoughts in her company were scrambled. She was very perceptive and took charge in a way i had only wished for. She is an expert at nipple torture and bondage games and i was treated to 2 hours of pleasure and pain involving both correction and play, much to my delight. I cannot wait to plan my next visit to this truly exquisite Dominatrix.