Good afternoon, I've an unexpected 30 mins (which is rare these days) to Myself so thought I'd write a very quick update, I've been very busy at the chambers, lots of fun and varied sessions plus I've also been busy uploading to My onlyfans daily, custom videos, distance text sessions and skype/video calls.

I'm very much enjoying the different dynamics each form of sessioning brings.

I love real-time sessions and have also been surprised at how much fun and how powerful text sessions and video sessions can be. Instructing you from anywhere when you are at work, home or out and about to carry out tasks or teasing you with fantasy scenarios, describing every detail, getting in your head, getting you all frustrated and weak, when you're not even in My presence, is so much fun and is making My distance subs very horny and addicted! 😆😈

Text sessions don't need to be pre-booked but video calls do. So make sure you plan as I have a busy diary! Full details can be found on My Distance Control page.

I've also had a bit of a restyle in the boudoir room and added some new lighting, it's such an erotic and atmospheric space 😍

I've added a few new pictures to My photo gallery too, so off you go to kneel, ogle and worship.

Bye for now Miss Bailey xx 💋


Telephone 07500799352 Real-Time & Text Sessions available Mon-Fri - no same day for Real-time