My sessions are on a select basis, when you approach Me, first impressions go a long way. Now being honest this has absolutely nothing do with being a Mistress, in every aspect of My life I treat people with manners and respect and I expect the same from you. If you cannot demonstrate basic common sense and manners then I will not even entertain giving you a second of My time.

When you contact Me for the first time introduce yourself (I do not need your full name but a name to refer to) a brief summary of your interests and when you are looking for. This is everything I need to get an idea of whether I feel you are suitable for a session. Read My website first. I am not always available to speak to if I am not I will allow you to email or text, I do not discuss session bookings or interests via whatsapp.

If you approach Me correctly, you will find Me, warm, friendly and polite, if you do not then you simply get ignored.

I  shouldn't have to point this out but the definite no's 

No War and Peace - they will get deleted.

No same day appointments.

No late night texts or whatsapps.

No session will be booked if I haven't seen you before without a deposit (I have discrete methods for doing this)

No one -liners ie "Hi babe, you free?" "You available?", Hi Mistress... with nothing else! etc

No text speak.

and act discretely at all times. 


Tribute Details can be found on My FAQ Page.
A deposit is mandatory if I have not seen you before